Eject! Pilot! Eject

Please introduce yourselves to ilovecf.com and describe your music
We're Eject! Pilot! Eject! We get common comparisons to being a cross breed of The Clash, The Undertones and Joy Division. We like to keep it fun and honest without too much filler.
As a 3 piece you have to be tight to make the most of the limitation. The songs themselves are the centrepiece and we did not set out with any pre-conceptions to be like this band or the other although obviously your influences do come through.
We have Owen Lewis (Guitar/Vocals), Christian Llewellyn (Bass) & Sarah Owen (Drums/Vocals).

How did you meet?
Owen: Christian and I had known each other for a number of years and both had been in previous bands but never had any plans to start a band. Sarah was a wildcard and when I found out she was a drummer I got straight on the phone to Christian to see if he would be interested in starting a band.

What's on your mind today?
Owen: That there's not enough time to fit everything in.
Christian: What do you do when nothing is wrong?
Sarah: The future!

How has your year been so far?
Owen: We started the year by recording our demo before we'd even played our first gig. Since then it's all been moving forward at a pretty constant pace.
Christian: Itís been a great year, with an impressive collection of well received gigs.
Sarah: The only way is up for EPE!

Cardiff, and South Wales in general, is a hotbed of creative talent, why do you think this is so?
Owen: I think pride plays a big part and I think subconsciously that inspires people to get out and do something.
Christian: There are lot of great bands around and watching them can spark a bit of envy inside us and make us think, I want to do that!!
Sarah: Cos Welsh is best... so yeah I guess what Owen said.

Who are your musical influences?
Owen: It all depends which one of us you ask, as the main songwriter it was definitely Bowie and The Who that influenced me the most.
Christian: For me I grew up with Britpop and naturally progressed onto Indie, this also accounts for the way I look!
Sarah: Pink floyd, Prodigy, Prince

If you had to review your last gig, what would you write?
Owen: ďThat dude can power slide!Ē Seriously though, you'd write something like ďA solid three piece that clearly aren't taken in by mimicking trends with songs that clearly stand apart from each other but retaining a common feel.Ē
Sarah: What he said!
Christian: Raw, Compact, Vital, & Fraught Ė All of the above, one of the best!

Which of you is the best musician?
Owen: No Comment.
Christian: This is not a fair question! Ok as my hand is forced and I have to say Owen, although his drumming skills are limited, his guitar work is ace and he has written a back catalogue of songs that would rival the Stones in numbers!
Sarah: Brian

Do you think you have a Welsh sound?
Owen: If they identified a chord which is inconically Welsh then we'd play it.
Christian: Not really and thatís only because Iím not allowed to sing! I think we do have a very British sound.
Sarah: Aye but, we probably do, like :)

Which is your favourite Cardiff venue to play?
Owen: We're itching to get into Barfly [insert plug] so I'll reserve judgement at the moment.
Sarah: Agreed! Toucan was a good venue.
Christian: Iíll pick my favourite so far which is Buffalo Bar, loving the eclectic deco!

Tell us your plans for the future.
Owen: Get back in the studio is the main one. All the songs are ready and we're really excited about them.
Christian: Gig and get noticed, Iím bored working 9-5!
Sarah: Harder, faster, stronger, better

What is your favourite restaurant in Cardiff?
Owen: That burger place opposite the Glee Club, I don't know the name.
Christian: Can I pick more than one? Nando's is tasty, followed by Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle bar and of course Ghandi!
Sarah: Burger King.

What is your favourite bar in Cardiff?
Owen: Depends where we're playing next.
Christian: I like The Woodville, not technically a bar but hey ho!

What is your favourite club in Cardiff?
Owen: Also depends where we're playing next.
Christian: Barfly on a Friday night is dynamite!

Where would you take someone on their first visit here, to show them Cardiff at its best?
Owen: The bay is very impressive so I'd take them there.
Christian: The George, The Woody, Pen & Wig ending up in the Barfly... hang on these are all pubs... the bay is nice!
Sarah: Cardiff Castle. It's full of wonder... and American tourists.

Thanks for your time guys and good luck for the future.

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